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The International Institute of Certified Professional Accountants founded in 2003, incorporated in Delaware 2008 until October 2019 as the Institute of Cerified Public Accoutants, operates as a Verein — an association under Swiss law — promoting the general interests of international certified professional accountants and the public in the relevance, reliability, timeliness, and faithfulness of financial repesentation, and dynamic forward-looking reporting on this
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    c/o Manas Kumar Thakur, CMA, ICPA
    President (2016 - 2017) The Institute of Cost Accountants of India
    Partner, Thakur & Co , Cost Accountants
    Main Office 22/4, Verner Lane, Belgharia
    Near Belgharia Railway Station
    Kolkata - 700056, West Bengal, India
    Linkedin | Email: tmanasda [at] yahoo.com | cmamanas [at] gmail.com
    Mobile: +91-9874081422 | +91-7980272019

    Application for the ICPA® Designation

    Applications for ICPA Appointment by examined members of other professional accounting/finance/consulting institutes and associations are welcome. Download Application Form. Send filled-in and signed scanned copies (JPG, PDF) by two emails, one to IICPA Headquarters plus one to IICPA Chapter India, as directed on the form.

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How to Win the Battle for Professional Accounting Talent
The Uniform Global ICPA® Training Program — Full article.

The accounting profession has gotten away with short-changing its members for decades, telling Baby Boomers and latchkey Generation Xers "to keep their heads down and pay their dues for a once-a-year review with a manager and the distant hope of a shot at the possibility of maybe being considered for partner," writes Daniel Hood, editor-in-chief of Accounting Today.

Today's young hires fresh out of university expect levels of
- managerial involvement,
- feedback,
- mentoring,
- flexibility and
- empowerment.

that the profession has simply never provided to young accountants before, requiring more of managers' and partners' time; time that their predecessors would have spent on client work and billable hours. — Full article.

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