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International Institute of Certified Professional Accountants®
Association under Swiss law promoting the institutional mandate in accordance with common quality standards of a network of independent international professional accounting bodies and their certified accounting members including International Certified Professional Accountants on the worldwide web this


The International Certified Professional Accountant®, ICPA® and ICPA PROFESSIONAL® of the International Institute of Certified Professional Accountants ® are the global umbrella lifetime designations, unifying todays rather fragmented public, management and tax accountants, including classifications from related disciplines, signifying competency to employers, the public, and users of professional services.1 IICPA's strength is the rich international diversity of competencies of the Institute's designaiton holders across the many professional practice areas. —

See   Brochure December 2017  —  List of ICPA Appointments  —  We are associated with the The Interational Institute of CPAs founded 2003, incorporated in the State of Delaware 2008.

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Path to the ICPA® and ICPA PROFESSIONAL®   International Certified Professional Accountant SM — These designations are available:

  • To all current or former qualified professional accountants including public accountants, tax accountants, management accountants and consultants with an undergraduate accounting or related college/univesity degree, who have passed a professional examination and are currently or previously practicing under one of the many designations of CA, CPA, CMA, WP, StB, EA, FAIA, IFA, CFA, CFP, CIMA, CPWA and others equally qualified. See -
    Article: Scoring the U.S. CPA Examination - Calibrating the Score (PDF) — Special Application Form for CPA Exam Finalists PDF

  • To students of accounting and related fields of business and economics of participating international schools of business, who have taken the ICPA Exam Review course and passed the IICPA's Uniform Final Examination — see keft.
  • To outstanding individuals as a mark of honour without the regular adjuncts, in recognition of professional achievements and standing in the international business community, based on a commanding career in accounting, reporting, auditing and/or financial management of internatonally active systemic entities and/or membership in recognized elite global CFO councils/networks.

  • ICPA Lifetime Appointment — The ICPA® and ICPA PROFESSIONAL® designations are a recognition of professional standing at a point in time, earned through study, academic accomplishment and professional examination. The ICPA-designation is, therefore, a lifetime designation not unlike the academic degrees of BA, MBA or PhD which are also awarded for life without periodic recertification, without annual membership fees, and without reportable CPE requirements, which are entrusted to the designation holder and his/her aspirations for lifelong learning. The one-time appointment fee is $1,450 USD.

    No annual CPE reporting — The need for documenting and reporting Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is a "hot button" topic among professional accountants. The ICPA®, ICPA PROFESSIONAL® does not require CPE reporting. Research shows that mandatory CPE does not improve competence and practice quality: Anthony Richard Vannozzi (2006) Moreover, the Institute acknowledges that chief officers fulfill the requirements by keeping pace and complying with laws and regulations, practices and events, equal to or exceeding CPE course work.

       The entry Certification into the Accounting Profession
    Associate Certified Professional Accountant SM —— See ACPASM

    Accounting issues to watch


    Images The Millenium Report

    "There is a growing possibility of a second referendum on Britain leaving the EU as tensions grow within the Conservative and Labour parties about the likelihood of a beneficial Brexit deal [not] being achieved, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable has said. In a debate at the FT Weekend Festival held at Kenwood House in North London on Saturday, Mr Cable said: I think there is more than a possibility that Brexit may never happen.

    More Financial Times 02 September 2017 - subsribe to the Financial Times.

    MiFID II Regulations

    European Securities and Markets Authority esmaNasdaq

    Following the financial crisis in 2008, the purpose of the new regulation is to inject transparency into the EU securities and derivatives markets and strengthen investor protection. The rules require banks to separate their research from other services with the aim of mitigating conflicts of interest. — The start of the race, not the end. More at Financial Director. — BloombergThomson ReutersPwC



    The Trump Effect

    The Hill 27 July 2017

    Trump has mooted not only large-scale tax cuts for individuals and corporations, but also increased government spending on infrastructure. His apparent willing- ness to run a bigger fiscal deficit in order to boost the US economy has already had an impact on the US bond market. Turning to fiscal stimulus, rather than a combination of monetary policy and quantitative easing, marks a break with the consensus that has dominated policy in the West since the global financial crisis. We may see inflation and higher interest rates creeping back into the world." (ICAS Scotland)


    Image: bitconnect.co (fair use)

    "PwC along with Deloitte, EY and KPMG, has made its first official investment in the blockchain industry. VeChain, a subsidiary of Chinas BitSE, will join PwCs startup incubation program and receive funding to develop blockchain technology and blockchain-based applications." — Article by Joseph Young, bitconnect.co 22 May 2017

    Blockchain, the rages at US business schools: — In January 2018, Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley will offer its first ever course in blockchain software for handpick 60 students from the departments of business, engineering and law and split them into groups of six to explore possible applications of the technology. — More

    Note 1: In most states and countries, only individuals with a license from the competent jurisdiction, or certificate and license, eg, CPA, CA, WP, are public accountants with unrestricted public accounting practice privileges to perform the attest function for listed companies.

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