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Accounting is at the cross-roads. Historical financial statements issued and "certified" only months before the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on 15 September 2008 resulted in a near-collapse of the global financial system. The IICPA has published on matters of "fictitious bank accounting" and "accounting perversion" in the money paradigm that been avoided by both, educators and standard setters. While current practices require corrections, the IICPA's main initiative is in the direction of forward-looking financial statements and reports that embrace the future.

The IICPA shall have certain boards and standing committees, including an

  • Accounting Standards Committee
  • Assurance Services Committee
  • Professional Ethics Committee
  • Professional Education Committee
  • Other boards and committees as required


The IICPA is accepting nominations from individuals or organizations for the

  • Accounting Standards Committee and the
  • Assurance Services Committee

to improve the standards following the Global Financial Crisis and to address the peculiarity and challenges of forward-looking dynamic superimposed generally accepted accounting principles (SuperGAAP) and related auditing standards. The committees' Terms of Reference are uploaded on the web for the Accounting Standards Committee and for the Assurance Services Committee.

Committee appointees should have a minimum of five years of public accounting, industry and/or academic teaching and/or standard development & application research experience.

The composition of the committees will reflect the diversity of the international community of certified and public accountants reflecting both the sizes of their economies and populations served.

Applications for either, the Accounting Standards or the Assurance Services Committee (but not both), may be sent to the secretary.

Updated 2017-05-05

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