Terms of Sale: Full 100% Money Back Guarantee

Membership subscriptions

IICPA offers a money back guarantee if the member terminates his/her membership within 30 days from the date of subscription. The subscription date is the date of order of service or the date IICPA successfully processes subscriber's payment, whichever is later.

IICPA will refund the membership fee(s) paid, the service charge, if any, plus any associated taxes provided the subscriber/user meets the following conditions:

    To cancel, the subscriber must notify IICPA by email to the Secretary within 30 days of the subscription date.

    If a membership certificate(s) has been issued, cancellation(s), including return of any membership certificate(s) by registered airmail to the the shipper's address provided on the shipping document, must be completed within the 30 day period after the membership subscription date or the day on which the membership certificate was airmailed, whichever date is later.
Publications, other goods and/or services

Other goods may be returned, or services terminated, upon notice by email to the Secretary within thirty (30) days of shipment or receipt by the shipper, whichever is later; or, in the case of webservices, within three (3) days of first posting(s) on the job board(s) or any other media contracted for. IICPA will not reduce the amount of a refund by the assessment of a "restocking fee" or any other charge (including shipping charges) for any return.