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      Course and IICPA Uniform Final Examination

      The examamination is under review. To date, the content areas covered have been:

      AUD - Auditing & Control ["AUD"]
      1.	Planning the engagement 
      2.	Internal controls 
      3.	Obtain and document information 
      4.	Review engagement and evaluate information 
      5.	Prepare communications
      ACC - Accounting and Reporting ["FAR"]
      1.	Concepts and standards for financial statements 
      2.	Typical items in financial statements 
      3.	Specific types of transactions and events 
      4.	Accounting and reporting for governmental entities and not-for-profit organizations.
      BUS - Business, Economics, Finance and IT ["BEC"]
      1.	Business structure 
      2.	Economic concepts 
      3.	Financial management 
      4.	Information technology 
      5.	Planning and measurement 	
      ELT - Ethics, Law & Tax ["REG"]
      1.	Ethics and professional responsibility 
      2.	Business law 
      3.	International taxation
      4.	Transfer pricing
      5.	Tax treaties


      How to Teach the IICPA Review Course

      Updated 2017-04-29