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    International Certified Professional Accountant SM

    ICPA® and ICPA PROFESSIONAL® course and examination

    The ICPA® and ICPA PROFESSIONAL® designations are awarded to successful candidates at participating international schools of business.
        The cumulative passing mark is 300 out of a maximum of 400; there is no required minimum per section. — See also Calibrating the Score on the Uniform US CPA Exam PDF.
        The Institute's course and examination covers the following areas:

    Part One:
    Financial Accounting and Reporting
    Management Accounting
    External and Internal Auditing
    Internal Control.

    Part Two:
    Corporate Finance
    Commercial Banking
    Financial Markets
    Economics, Commercial Law
    International Taxation
    Complete Glossary of Accounting Terms.

    ICPA Exam Revew - Study Guide 2018 Edition, 546 oages 8½ x 11 inches, $29.95 USD.

Members of certain professional organizations are qualified to apply on the regular application form for the ICPA designation without the Institute's examination: Namely, regular/certified current and/or former full members admitted by examination by listed Accomplished Professional Accounting Organizations.

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Updated 2017-12-05